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Island Krk

Our island was long ago christened the golden, because of the golden nature and the sunsets, the sunny sands and the thick forests, the stone screes and the karst scenery, the olive oil, wine and honey. Discover this island of ours - get to know its charms and its riches at every time of the year; cruise around its lovely and diverse settlements visit the thousand year old monuments, the museums and galleries.

Take in a breath of health while walking the romantic promenades along the coast, or the wild sheep-tracks in the stony pasturelands. Revel in the magic flavours of Krk cuisine and the subtle locally produced wine. Make use of your stay for pleasures that the whole of the island can provide in the fullness of its resources of accommodation, travel and sightseeing, and the table.That's our island: Krk. May it be your island too. We wish you a hearty welcome.

Apartments island Krk, Pretković, Klimno, otok Krk
Klimno 23b, 51514 Dobrinj, island Krk, Croatia
E-Mail: sposa@zg.t-com.hr, Web: www.apartments-island-krk.com

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